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A Visit to the Library

I paid a visit to the library today. Normally I linger and enjoy the surroundings – shelves and shelves of books – but today I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Two 12-14 year old girls were using library computers to watch YouTube videos and they were behaving like idiots. I realize that it’s not unusual for girls (and boys) of that age to act like idiots, and I’m certain I spent my fair share of time acting like one too.

But never at the library.

My parents, teachers and librarians taught me well that one is to be quiet in the library. And I don’t think this lesson is completely lost on kids today.

After all, the 6-7 year old girl sitting next to them (apparently a sister to at least one) said, “You’re embarrassing me. I don’t know you!”

You go girl.


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