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Wine and Beads

A few weeks ago, I attended a unique wine tasting event at Embellish in Rocky River. Self-described as a place to make your own jewelry and accessories, I think it would be more aptly called a candy store for the eyes and fingers! Beads of every shape, size and color can be found at Embellish, as well as all of the other supplies you might need to make your own fabulous creations.

The wine tasting event included the opportunity to learn how to “embellish” wine glasses. For $35, Embellish provided each participant with two wine glasses to decorate and take home, beads, wire, personal assistance, snacks and the wine expert. In addition, we each had to bring in a bottle of wine from France.

After choosing our bead colors (no easy task!), Embellish owner Laura demonstrated the process. At first I thought, “Yeah, right, she does this all day. No wonder it looks easy.” Well, it really was easy. Here’s what you start with:

One down, one to go!

As we worked, wine scholar Liz Pirnat came around to review and explain our wine selections. I liked this personal touch to wine tasting. It was fun to see what each person chose, and how well we did in choosing a wine that matched our personal preferences. Everyone brought in something they hadn’t tried before, which made it even more fun. My choice was Mouton Cadet White, a Bordeaux that is 65% sauvignon blanc, 30% sémillon and 5% muscadelle. It was OK; a bit dry for my taste.

After we all finished beading our glasses, we gathered around to hear Liz explain the various wine-producing regions in France and we sampled each other’s selections.

The event was a clear hit as we all left begging Laura to schedule another one! (Speaking of which…any news on a date, Laura?) I can’t wait to go back.

My finished creations:

My friend Pam’s glasses:


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