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Book Review: Immanuel’s Veins

Immanuel's Veins coverAuthor: Ted Dekker
Published: Thomas Nelson, 2010
One Word Review: Alucard?!

18th century Russia. The Carpathian Mountains. Catherine the Great has charged two of her warriors with the protection of the Cantemir family, specifically the two young women of marriageable age. When the mysterious and beguiling Vlad van Valerik arrives at his nearby estate with his associates, the young women and one of the warriors fall under their spell, leaving the other to find a way to extricate them…if he can.

I would call myself a Ted Dekker fan. I have devoured many of his books and never hesitate to pick up one that’s new to me. I would recommend any one of them…except this one. I don’t know if Dekker was in too much of a hurry to jump on the vampire bandwagon, or what may have happened, but this book just did not resonate as a fully formed story. For one thing, it does not seem plausible that warriors Toma and Alec would be pulled away from a war to babysit a family that does seem to be facing an imminent threat, at least not one that’s well explained.

And using Dracula’s name backward…seriously?! I’ve come to expect much more from this author.

But as the book jacket itself says, “This story is for everyone, but not everyone is for this story.” Apparently, I am not for this story.

I suggest skipping this book, but picking up any one of Dekker’s many other treasures.

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