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Another Ending

I’m really bummed about Borders closing.

I could literally spend hours there and not realize it.

There is (soon to be was) a Borders close to my home, but that’s not the only reason I loved it. I always found the oakey shelves to be more homey and comfortable than the formal, dark woods of other stores. The store layout made more sense to me than others. The staff always was helpful when needed, but never bothered me. And I liked that their affinity program was free for a loooong time (although perhaps that lost revenue is why they are closing now).

I will miss discovering new books and authors. Sure there are other ways to find them, but my favorite it to browse the shelves, looking for great cover art, skillfully-written back cover descriptions and an I-must-read-what-comes-next first page.

Maybe Borders closing will be the impetus I need to finally explore our local bookstore scene.

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