2013-08-09 19.22.02I’ve had Google Chromecast for about two months now and love it. I ordered it from Amazon the day it was announced and was told it was on back-order, but it didn’t take long to arrive.

  • Cost – $35 + content, which would be Google Play rentals/purchases, monthly Netflix fee, etc. Buying through Amazon got me three months of Netflix for free.
  • Installation – it took me less than 10 minutes to plug the “dongle” (their word, not mine) into my TV, set it up on my wireless network and start “casting” my first show.
  • Quality – great, IMHO. Content loads and plays quickly, no buffering issues. Haven’t had any connection issues. Easy to pause and restart.
  • Negatives – the only downside for me right now is that you can’t cast from Amazon Prime. I hope that will change at some point.

Not only have I used it to watch TV shows and movies, I now cast a YouTube playlist to my TV while I work out. That has kept me more motivated than anything else I’ve tried in some time. In short, I’d recommend Chromecast for sure.

Happy casting!


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